Something is Different

Can You Let It Go? 3/16/08
Do you like your ride? Do you like your style? You’ve earned that sense of pride, You’ve gone that extra mile…Burn some rubber, Leave the Jones in the dust; Money is honey; And you’re hooked on the taste. Can you let it go? Can you let it go? *(Um-bi-de-yah, um-bi-de-yah) Can you let it go? Can you let it go? Feel the joy, feel the Pain; will you let it go? The mind is what holds on, but peace will let it go.
Can you let it go? You like the way she kisses you, Feels so good, You like the way he holds you, Feels just like it should, You’ve waited so long for somewhere to belong. There’s a craving in your soul For someone you think will make you whole…Can you let it go?* You need to be right, can’t stand to be wrong, You look back in the past, tally all the hurts, keep a running list, remember who to blame, Measure your shame, (hear the addict’s voice?), Resentment is your drug of choice, Can you let it go? It’s always tomorrow, singing the song, Lookin’ to the next day, maybe then you’ll be OK, Living on a time line, but never in the now, you set aside a store, Only to find, it’s empty at your core. …can you let it go?*

Destiny Part Two (Loves Glues the Molecules) 5/30/08; rev.7-9-08
I guess I could be sad, I wasted so much time, Lost in my mind, Now I’m trying to live in my skin, Do what seems true, Listen to the Wisdom of the Universe. I wish that I had words, To tell you how I feel…
A joy that paints the evening sky, Lights up every speck of dust, A love glues the molecules, and builds the frame for destiny, My love glues the molecules , That build the frame for destiny. The Dust of Stars is in my cells, My tears contain billions of years. Miles away from here, A kid awakens to the Wreckage of his soul, A hard life’s taken its toll, And god knows…The price that he’s paid, For the choices he’s made, Bought him the wisdom,To listen to the universe. Wish that he had words To tell you what he feels, A hope that rises far above The asphalt of despair. A love that glues the molecules and Builds the frame for destiny. His love glues the molecules That build the frame for destiny. The Dust of stars is in his cells, His tears contain billions of years. A mom and dad and a baby, Living in a war torn country
Face another day of tyranny, But if you could see What holds that family–for centuries they’ve faithfully Listened to the wisdom of the universe. Wish that they had words to tell you what they know A peace that passes understanding, Something that connects us all. A love that glues the molecules and Builds the frame for destiny. Their love glues the molecules That build the frame for destiny. Coda: there’s no prison cell can hold the soul that knows it’s free. There’s a joy, a hope, a peace that passes understanding; a love that glues the molecules and builds the frame for destiny; (we are free; our souls are free; love is our destiny).

Memory Book 2/2/09
Silver bells have come and gone. Without a sound the falling snow Disappears into the ground. And you are leaving me, you are leaving me, With these pictures printed in my memory:

• The sky is gray
A biting wind pierces the day
Tears fall and freeze on my face;
No one will ever…no one could ever take your place
• You call the friends
You know you’ll never see again
I watch you cry and say goodbye
Your love and generosity
Remain in perpetuity
• You baby-blues
Still hold a smile, still hold my gaze:
A look that says you’re going away…
You are leaving me, you are leaving me.
Sunlight falls across the room. Shadows soft, songs of birds, flutter of wings….The silent closing of the pages in the book Of this one…Of this once and precious life. Silver bells have come and gone
Without a sound the falling snow Disappears into the ground.

No Glass Slipper 10/22/2008
No Glass slipper fairytale, A soapbox cynic with ice for sale, So you say, so you say, so you say, But your eyes give you away. All These years spent in the cold
Thinking you were old, Now you’ve felt the fire, been inspired, No longer mired. *Seasons you know they will change; Hearts they will be broken; Pain can be forgotten. Sun will set and moon will rise, Starry skies, a midnight dance; You will find romance again. Soft caresses sensuous kisses, Some of love’s little litmus tests, So it seems so it seems so it seems. Don’t mean to dash your dreams, But you’re tethered to stability, Loyalty keeps your sanity, I get that pragmatic trumps romantic, But don’t forget you passed the test. * Last lament, a poignant moment; Hero’s diatribe, So be it, so be it, so be it. But wait! The irony of happy endings,
Music swells and their eyes meet, All is not lost carpe diem, love so sweet, Another tempest tossed, another coin tossed, It’s just a coin-toss.

Something Is Different 5/21/08
Is it in my eyes? The way I behave? Is it how you walk? Holding your head high, No longer a slave? What is it that says…something has changed. *Something is different, Something is different, Forever Now,
Discover Love’s Endless Yield. Anger is gone, No more holding on, Your friends try to guess What it is you possess…What is it that suggests…suddenly Something has changed. Something is different, Something is different, Forever Now, Discover Love’s Endless Yield. One day I woke up, No explanation, So many things arrived, At the same destination , A convergence of soul, Compiling the whole…
Something has changed, Something is different, Something is different, Forever Now, Discover Love’s Endless Yield. Whatever happens to you and me, Something will remain, Nothing you can see, But you know it will sustain A faith, a hope, a passion…Somehow You’ll know, Something is different, Something is different, Forever Now, Discover Love’s Endless Yield.

Sliver 5/17/09
There is a sliver of glass, hidden in the pillow of dreams. I don’t know what it means…as shattered piece of something, its’ keeping me awake…don’t know what it means, but I’m wide awake.* *What did I break? What hope was dashed against the brick wall of my pointless resolve? What did I, what did I what did I break? There is a sliver of glass lodged underneath my tongue. I can barely speak, the words are painful to say, can’t find the right way, and what do they even mean? I can’t say…* There is a sliver of glass piercing something inside of you, and me, and it’s razor-sharp with deeply cut, deeply felt meaning…I don’t what it is, why do I feel this way??* A million pieces of time, scattered on this floor, not sure what’s yours or mine, just please don’t walk out that door, let me sweep up these pieces into some kind of pile, some kind of way…I just wanna know…* (A million pieces shattered, scattered, feel the joy, the pain, can you let it go, can you let it go? A little, a little wisdom from the past — I have a dream – the dust of stars, a billion tears and love will glue the molecules. A million pieces scattered, shattered, disappear without a sound; a peace that passes understanding, a song yet sung, a wave of relief. Listen, listen, listen to the beat, beat, beat of your heart; wake-up, wake-up to your life, carpe diem, this one and precious life; no prison cell can hold the hope that rises far above…she feels she feels she feels her body lift, she feels the gift. A million pieces, time and tears, a billion years…I have a dream, not a slave the weight of hearts and hands and joy and hope and peace and love that glues the molecules. The dust of stars, a midnight dance, and the words that he said…he eyes look into hers and something is different; the mind holds but peace will let it go. A million pieces…she feels, she feels, she feels the ease of letting go. Can you let it go?).

Resiliency 2/20/09
How do you draw the line in the sand, How do you know when the time is at hand? How do you know when to walk away and How do you decide to stay? The head and the heart take a walk, Have a talk
You leave it alone or go it alone, Have a battle or a truce..Just listen for some bit of the truth, Listen for truth. **And you pick yourself up, Dust yourself off, Keep on walking, keep on rolling, To the beat, to the beat, to the beat, Of your heart. What happens when you do it “right”. Take your vitamins, get your sleep, be kind; Do your yoga, meditate, volunteer, and You’re still not sure why you’re here? Then you get the call in the middle of the night And it’s death or it’s fate or hate, And you pick up the phone and you’re left all alone. And you’re listening to the silence ticking, Listen to the silence ticking…**
What about all the damage and tragedy inside and out Of your heart, in your mind, of the past in your life, in this World around you see? Well you can fall apart you can fall into the drama, Fall from grace,
You can rage at the injustice, lose sight of the cause, Lose your faith, or you can pause And listen to the beat of your heart, listen to your heart**

Labyrinth 7/14/09
So walking this labyrinth supposed to bring a sense of peace…feels more like a maze of thoughts. I keep running, running, running into dead end walls of illogic and doubt; I’m laughing at my inability to figure it out. And what if I just lay down in this path, let my worries float off in a dream bath…of talking to horses and jumping off into intention..will all the yoga people on this trail trample me over on the way to their center? I think it’s funny how easily I fail. *And where are allt he labyrinth rebels who crossover the lines when no one is looking, or even when they are…”It’s the journey not the destination” (they say), their words muffled in metaphor. And still I am wondering/keep missing what it isd I’m here for… He said he would help my spirit take flight, and I thought at the least it was great performance art, and at the most, my spirit might just slow down…and take a walk in a labyrinth…shut up the chatter, feel some peace. Maybe I am smiling at this stumbling start.

She Feels 10/5/09
Seduced by a shadow, Cast by the moon, She falls fast asleep And into a dream, Where nothing is as it seems, More real than her life, Who is the dreamer? What is the dream? She feels her body lift;
The gift of flight, She feels the light, An emptiness that beckons her, She feels free, The ease of letting go, Just letting go, (Who’s dreaming the dream?). Deep in the dream. she floats out to sea, On a wave of contrition; A secret ballast, A choice she must make, She will sink or swim, Or find an island and fly away. A ship in the distance, Flashing a lantern, Row towards the light. Or look towards the heavensTrusting the stars above, the stories they tell, But only when the night skies are clear. The scene is the warm sand, And arms that embrace her, One with the water, the earth and the sky; The fire inside, the rushing of waves, A kiss from an ocean long ago. Suddenly sitting Across from an old man, She think it’s her father, He’s eating icecream, His eyes look into hers, the words that he speaks, Wake her from the dream, With a smile.

Wisdom From the Past 11/08
A sea of shining faces, Tears of joy in their eyes, Gathered in this place, To finally say goodbye To a history of lies. *Wisdom from the past, I have a dream, Words that will last, I have a dream: We shall overcome, I have a dream, Yes we can, yes we can. Waited for so long, To sing this freedom song, So many’ve come before, The weight of their hearts and hands And chains Pressed open this door*
The audacity of hope, To hear and sing a song yet sung, The wave of relief, At the measure and the scope, Of the change that is to come*. The universe leans towards justice, That is what they say, And everyday I pray, The world will somehow find a way To work together for democracy, Honor civil liberties, Nurture human dignity.*