Select lyrics from Linda Myers’ FEEL SKY:

“If eyes are a window to the soul…what made you close your shades?” —Eyes

“Decisions on a dime become the destiny of a lifetime…but the sun and moon and stars will shine, Cast their magic wherever they find you…if only you would see.” —Beauty (Lullaby)

“Truth is the line on the horizon where heaven meets the earth; it’s in my line of sight, I keep on trying, but I just can’t seem to arrive.” —Ground

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Select lyrics from Linda Myers’ SHINE:

“There is no measure that captures the depth and breadth of love; no bounds of any universe that contain the wisdom that created it; no amount of time or space that can separate me from you.” —Measuring Time

“Tangled thoughts, acquired shame…try to bury it, and it will bury you” —Tangled Thoughts

“Quixotic kiss of beauty and despair…the angels have flown and may not return, and I’m weeping at beauty few will ever see.” —Quixotic Kiss

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Select lyrics from Linda Myers’ SOMETHING IS DIFFERENT:

“There’s no prison cell can hold the soul that knows it’s free.” —Destiny II

‘Love glues the molecules that build the frame for Destiny.” —Destiny II

“Whatever happens to you or me, something will remain; nothing you can see, but you know it will sustain a faith, a hope, a passion…somehow you’ll know.” —Something is Different

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Select lyrics from PARADOX CLOCK:

“Just when you’re ready to damn hope and bless despair, grace arrives, and pulls your eyes up to the sky.” —Delany

“Reality may be perception, but cynicism’s in direct proportion to war, human atrocity, starvation, corruption, domestic violence, child abuse, sheer injustice, and plain ol’ broken hearts.” —Layers

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