Paradox Clock

Victoria (2007)

Mist from the wake
(Of the boat as it makes
It’s way away from
The isle of Victoria)
Rains on my face

Leaving behind a dream
A crease in the seam
Of the fabric of time

A ribbon of sound
From a lonely jazz trio
Finds itself found
In the soul that knows
Every note has its time
And space
Into the sea
We’re all an island
But still I have music
And the feeling of rain on my face

I’m waiting, wishing, hoping
For what? World Peace, A Great Romance, A grammy…
Or just that someone will really see me?
Look me in the eye and know me…

I know I’m a dreamer
You may say that I’m a lost cause
I pause, and say, I say, I say, maybe you
Should dream some too…

I used to read some Ayn Rand
Atlas Shrugged
Philosophy’s like runnin’ on sand
I like her romance, (maybe) not her politics Maybe not her politics
I say A is A or is it?*

I’ve heard people say I’m shy
It’s True…
I’m just in my head figuring out why
Figuring out why
Why people say and do the things they do Do the things they do…
I just wanna get to know you.*

A is A or is it?Running on the Sand
Things aren’t always what they seem
Figuring out why
A is A or is it…
I just wanna get to know you…
Maybe you should think gray

Everyday (2006)
Yesterday my little son said, “Mommy will you read to me?”
I said, “Son, I’m a just little busy”

*What is wrong with me?
Have I lost my mind,.
I feel crazy, won’t somebody help me?
*Every day is a Challenge,
Another Chance to get it right
Every day is a Challenge,
Another Chance to make it right

Relationships are tough, and marriage is a test, sometimes I think I’ve had enough and I need a rest…*

It’s happened more than once, it’s ugly and it’s mean, I yell and scream and hurt the ones I love the most…*

Feeling sorry for myself, sometimes knee deep in pain, play the victim, don’t know how to stop the game *

Stream (10-25-06)

The stream keeps on rushing;
Nothing bars the way
Even in the moonless night
It’s sound translates to sight

Chorus: And my life keeps on running
Slipping through my hands
Sometimes I want to fly away
Let the water and sky
The air and earth just carry me away.

The clouds keep on rolling
Across the endless sky
Sometimes I feel pulled up high
Into those hues of blue

The wind keeps on blowing
Memories like swirling leaves;
Floating just out of reach
Layering each silent step

Bridge: I know I can’t stop it,
So why do I keep trying?
If I could just stop fighting
The forever flow of time

We Want Peace (2006)

What do we want?
We want Peace.
What do we want?
We want Peace.

Work for Justice!
Work for Justice!

Hear this Call,
Make a Stand.
Hear this Call
Make a Stand.

What do we want?
We want Peace.
What do we want?
We want Peace.

Paradox Clock 4/15/07

She said I’m not goin’ back
And she wept from her heart
What is there to say —
Something about a new start?
Platitudes seem hollow and rude.

*Time just stops, but the
paradox clock
keeps tickin’ away, tickin away, ticking away
(Last 2 times): I can wish you joy, joy, I can wish you joy…
and there’s nothing to say.

Sometimes the only comfort
Is the cold or warm spot
of sheet on your feet.
Words don’t make a pillow soft.
I’m lookin’ for something to do.

A day, a year, 5 or ten,
It’s a roulette-wheel spin
Live neurotically
Or just insanely joyful
The end is how you spin the word…

How you spin the word
Joy, joy, joy, joy
Down in your heart
Joy, joy, joy, joy
Down in your soul

Time just stops but the Paradox Clock
Keeps on tickin away, tickin away, tickin away
And there’s nothing, nothing I can say:
I can wish you joy,
Down in your heart
I can wish you joy
Down in your soul
I can sing a song for you
Comfort and joy, joy,
wish you joy, joy

Delany’s Song ©1998
Just when you’re ready to damn hope
and bless despair,
Grace arrives and pulls your eyes up to the sky,

*and there she goes,
flying away on the wings of a prayer;
petals of a sunflower floating in air.

Screams of “how? “ and “why?” echo in the heart,
but the music of her voice,
or a vision in a dream
plays a healing part, *.

Haunted by images that come without warning,
there is safety
in an ease with sorrow *.

Be Kind (2007)

The words I heard…
A pure, silent voice,
A simple truth,
A daily choice:

*Be kind, Be Kind
Pay attention to the inside,
Attention to the outside,
Be kind.

The peace your heart seeks
The love your soul needs
Is already there within you
Just waiting to be set free, just…*

I have so much doubt
This world’s filled with so much pain,
How can I make a difference?
Will anything really change if I try to: *

Inspiration (1980)
You are my inspiration. You give me reason to live when I’m in desperation. You are my salvation. And when I’m down just the sight of you lifts me off the ground and into the blue. Oh my dear I love you. *For you send me flying, over the trees and into air. Where you are is where I want to be. And someday the time will come when it will be the end, and no words can begin to say what was. But bodies only die, never souls; what’s inside is what makes us whole. So don’t you cry, across the ages we will touch and the world will hear us sigh.

Ten Years (2005)
Just like a baby bird fallen from it’s nest,
You gave my fragile heart a place to rest
And when I met you I knew
That all those other guys were just boys,
You were the first man I’d ever loved

*Ten years ago I said I do and everyday is still brand new
And I’d do it all again, I’d marry you.

There is no map for the path that we’ve chosen
Just stubborn will and our hearts to guide us
And words spoken long ago…we’ll feel no rain,
No cold; no more loneliness…and our days will be
Good and long together.

We know there is no guarantee, no crystal ball
To tell us if we’ll be together ten years from now.
But we keep each other honest and never take for granted
This gift of time we’ve been given, and the love that we share.

Falling (2006)

I wish…
I wish for things that don’t come true.
I don’t know why I do. (last time: I know why I do)
Why I wish on you. (because I love you).

I tell myself
You make me laugh
More than you make me cry
I don’t know if that’s true
Or if it’s a lie.

*Please let me in
I’m right here right now,
And I’m falling to my knees,
I’m falling, falling…please.

I wish…
I wish the truth was tidy
And not so thick and dark
And hard to see.

You are so angry
I think I know why
I’m no angel, but you wrestle
With demons I’ve never seen *

I wish…
I wish that you could feel safe
Inside your skin
Inside this world.

There is such pain
Sometimes such sweetness,
I wish I knew if this is all t here is,(is this what I’m here for?)
Or if (is) there is more?

Connect to the Heart (1-15-07
Hold on to your freedom
Cherish the right to reason
If you don’t use your brain
You’ll surely lose your mind

So dance in the sun
Read a good book
Make some art
Get back to the heart of something more

And Love yourself, love someone else
Do no Harm, Make some peace,
Save the world.

Let go of your worrying
‘bout the brand of purse you’ll buy
is it cool, do I look cool, or are you just a fool…
caught up in a game
of imitation fame…
how do you get back to the heart of something more?

Astronauts take pretty photographs
Of our bright blue ocean planet
such an illusion…
floating peacefully in space…
it’s filled with war and hate,
pollution and careless waste,
how do we get back to the heart of something more?

Coda: It’s not too late to change your fate
Do your part, you can get back to the heart

4X: then 5th time:
Love yourself,
love someone else
Do no Harm, Make some peace,
Last time: Save the World, save the world, save the world

Layers (2007)
When bad things happen
Some people stay
A victim to their bitterness,
Can’t let go the pain*

When bad things happen
Some people find a way
To grow some happiness
And let hope remain*

*Layers and layers
Of pain and regret
Layers and Layers of disillusionment
Layers and layers that hide your soul
There’s gotta be a way to stay whole…

Reality may be perception, but cynicism’s
In direct proportion to war, human atrocity,
Starvation, corruption, domestic violence,
Child abuse, sheer injustice, plain ol’
Broken hearts…*

It’s not Love 8/1/07
It’s not Love
It’s not Love
If I were in a lifeboat
And I had to choose
I wouldn’t choose you.
It’s not love
It’s not love

Then why am I
Peelin’ off my clothes;
jumping in…
Who am I trying to save
What am I trying to say?

It’s not Love
It’s not Love
Maybe it’s a brand of love
A deep discount store brand of love
Vs. a locally owned responsible co-op brand…
It’s not love
It’s not love

Then why does this feel so organic and natural?
Why do I want to feel my skin against your earth?

It’s not love
It’s not love
I can’t tell the difference
Between leather and the imitation stuff
I’m not that sophisticated,
Not that educated
It’s not love
It’s not love

Why do I care when all that I know is you
Feel safe and warm and kind, and it feels luxurious to me.

But it’s not love, not it’s not love
It’s a river of denial in waves of white water
Up to my eyes and over my head; I am drowning
In a sea of finally being seen…and I know I can’t save anyone,
Not even me…so thank god, lucky me that it’s not love.

Down That Road (Lymond) (2007)
*In another space and time
In another world beyond…
Baby we could’ve been amazing;
Maybe we would’ve fallen apart,
But we will never know
Because we did not go down that road,
Down that road, down that road…

I’d recognize you anywhere
Any century…
The blade of your wit
cuts diamonds in my mind;
that sardonic smile, renaissance style
the light in those eyes…*

My dilemma is just this:
You don’t exist.
A figment of a brilliant mind –
Not mine.
And still I look for you everywhere –
At the library
Or on the train
At the market or the coffee shop
Or on the corner in the pouring rain*

I’m still naïve and romance lives inside of me.
Don’t pity me for wanting to believe:
In Honor and integrity
In sacrifice and bravery
In intellect and honesty
In you.*

And still I look for you everywhere